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Business Casual – What to Wear to Work

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to ‘model’ for Clare Tattersall’s article on Business Casual attire. I definitely agree it is a confusing term and I was honoured to get to be a part of her project!

Less Stressed Students

If you want to succeed at work, you need to dress the part.  This is not a myth but a reality.  Your appearance represents your employer and your respect for your job as much as it represents your personal style.  Because of this, employers take very seriously the image that you create for yourself and their company.

It is absolutely imperative that you create a good first impression in an interview; but, that attention to detail and effort needs to shine through on a daily basis.  You want to ensure that you are dressing on the high end of what is acceptable in your workplace. “If everyone wears jeans every day, a suit would be too much, as it might convey arrogance; khakis would make a much better choice. The idea is to stand out, not stick out” (Importance of Appearance in the Workplace |

If you…

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