Nail Polish History- Things are moving along!

Success!! Just a little bit…


This morning I began to worry that my webcam would not be compatible with Windows 8. Which technically it isn’t. But after some discussion with classmates and the professor and few google searches, I found the driver for Windows 7 and my VX-1000 webcam. Even though I am running Windows 8, the driver still works and just warns that some capabilities will not be enabled. So far, so good! Yay! Thumbs up!



What is the main part of my project? NAIL POLISH! I left the room and painted three of my nails with different colours to test under the webcam. 


Next I decided that Macgyvering a webcam stand would be the best option for finding the correct height for the video. Using my water bottle and the webcam box I found the perfect height to get both my nails and most of my hand focused on the screen.



After I set it up, I filmed a short video to track the colours of the nail polish so that my professor can help me figure out a patch for Max 6.

What are the next steps?

– using the new patch in Max 6 and troubleshooting to ensure it works with my computer and webcam

– writing a short history of nail polish or a few fun facts

– testing the patch with everything connected

Hopefully everything continues smoothly… and I succeed moderately.






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