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My Bucket List

As 2012 draws to an end and 2013 is in full-swing, I have decided to write a Bucket List that can carry me through the end of my undergrad and into the first stages of my life afterwards. This is not a complete list and things will be added to it as time goes on.
1. Graduate University
2. Place at one of the Huron History Society Pub Quizzes
3. Achieve the Dean’s Honour List
4. Be accepted to one program I apply to
5. Attend Western University Charity Ball
6. Attend the Pumpkin Smash
7. See Les Miserables in theatres
8. Go to the gym regularly
9. Attend the majority of my Zumba classes
10. Travel to Germany again and see Elina
11. Have a coherent conversation in German with a German native
12. Get a photo with Dr. Leighton, Dr. Fang, Dr. Reid-Maroney and Dr. Read at convocation
13. Obtain my Smart Serve certification
14. Own my own car
15. Read Les Miserables
16. See The Three Musketeers in Stratford
17. Visit the Maritimes and all the university friends that live there
18. Get all my Sarah Slean cds autographed
19. Attend a Pink concert
20. Achieve an 80% in my German class
21. Attend USC election result night
22. Toboggan on a cafeteria tray
23. Create a blog
24. Own a Duck Dynasty shirt and/or a “Happy Happy Happy” mug
25. Be a part of “Team Slean”
26. Earn my LPD Certificate
27. Teach English in another country
28. Travel to Australia
29. Travel to Italy
30. Travel to B.C.
31. Visit New York
32. Make my own wine
33. Bungee jump
34. Learn a 3rd language
35. Publish a paper in a history journal
36. Work at a museum
37. Earn my teaching degree
38. Attend Rick McGhie at the Spoke
39. Get a photo with Rick McGhie
40. Attend an Indigenous Services Corn Soup Wednesday
41. Attend a FNSA Powwow
42. Attend Huron Day!
43. Earn my WPA
44. Own a kitten
45. Meet Justin Trudeau