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Books for Christmas? My Kryptonite

Since I was little girl, I have been a bookworm. My mom would wake me up for school (grade 1) and she would leave the room. Meanwhile I would grab a book and sit on my bed reading instead of getting dressed. Sooner or later my mom would return to my room where I was still not dressed and had my nose in a book. I love that story because I know it’s completely true, and it happened all the time. I cannot resist a good book or an interesting story which may or may not be a bad thing.

This Christmas I received “Burned” by Sara Shepard (12th in the Pretty Little Liars Series), “The Truth about Style” by Stacy London, “The Chew Cookbook”, “Meditation for Multitaskers: A Guide to Finding Peace Between the Pings” by David Dillard-Wright and “A New Literary History of America” eds. Greil Marcus and Werner Sollors. As of December 27th I had already finished “Burned” and I have started all the other books… at least 2 chapters into each. As you can see, I have continued my bookworm ways.

In addition to the physical books I received, my mom bought me my first eReader, a Kobo mini. I have downloaded over twenty books so far and I have started two. I am not sold on the eReader yet, I like the feel of a book in your hands and being careful not to crease the spine or bend the corners. I like the portability of the Kobo mini, the clarity of the screen and how light it is, but real physical books are still the winners at this point in my eReading career.

I love receiving books for Christmas because that is when I finally have a little bit of time to read something that I want to read instead of having to only read books for school. University can be overwhelming and without the light at the end of the tunnel (a new book awaiting me at Christmas or my birthday), it would be a lot more difficult to push my way through. Reading lets me escape from everything and truly relax, which is definitely needed after a 4000 word essay writing spree.